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EDXtreme Dynamometer AWT05-506312


Product Name EDXtreme Dynamometer
Part # AWT05-506312
Model # EDX-1T
Mechanical or Digital Digital
Unit of Measure lbf, kgf & Newtons
Capacity – lbf 2500 lbs
Capacity – kgf 1,000
Capacity – Newtons 10,000
Wireless remote display capability N
Display 128 x 64 dot-graphic LCD 1″
Accuracy +/- 0.1% of instrument capacity
Shackles Included Y
Resolution Enhanced Mode 1/5000
Data Export RS232
Memory Up to 255 logs
Modes Seven display modes including live & peak
Capture Rate 10Hz, 100Hz & 1000Hz
Proof Load 150% of capacity
Safe Overload 200% of capacity
Operating Temperature -4° F to 158° F (-20° C to 70° C)
Environmental Suitable for continuous outdoor use
Battery 2 x C batteries with 400+ hours life (backlight off)
Suggested Recalibration Every 12 months
Approvals CE
Protection Hard polymer storage case included along with calibration certificate

EDXtreme Dynamometer (Dillon Load Cell)

The EDXtreme’s highly refined design achieves a 5:1 minimum safety factor and boasts the highest accuracy and capacity of any Dillon dynamometer. With extreme precision, versatility and intelligence, the EDXtreme (also called a Dillon load cell) is the right choice if you need complete confidence in the strength and accuracy of your force measurement tools to ensure safety.

The EDXtreme is extremely resilient and adaptable to a variety of worksite environments, and is the best dynamometer option for shock loading because of its high peak capture rate. You can also choose to purchase a remote display to communicate with the EDXtreme at a distance.


2,500 lb to 550,000 lb

Unit of Measure
lbf, kgf & Newtons

Low/med/high (5000 resolutions)

Memory Storage
Up to 255 logs

Data Export

Operating Range
-4° F to 158° F (-20° C to 70° C)

Every 12 months

Proof Load

Seven display modes including live and peak

Capture Rate
10Hz, 100Hz and1000 Hz

±0.1% of instrument capacity

Dot-graphic LCD display supports full text and 1” high digits

Suitable for continuous outdoor use



Advantages of the EDXtreme Dynamometer

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