Service doesn’t end with your purchase–we’re experts in calibration and repair.

Correctly calibrating a tension dynamometer is critical to ensuring correct readings. At Dillon/Quality Plus, we offer quick, accurate and comprehensive calibration and repair services for all types of dynamometers to ensure your business doesn’t have to miss a beat.

How often should dynamometers be calibrated?

We recommend that any Dillon dynamometer be recalibrated annually to maintain high standards of accuracy. The more often you use the unit, the more frequently you should get it recalibrated. For our digital dynamometers, you’ll get an automatic pop-up notification on the display when it’s time to send it in for calibration.

Our calibration process

Our calibration services have fast turnaround times and are traceable to NIST standards. With every Dillon/Quality Plus purchase, you get a 2-year warranty, a 1-year recall sticker and automatic notification of calibration due dates (plus, every new unit is calibrated at no additional cost). We maintain extremely high standards of service, and all of our testing equipment is recertified by the manufacturer at least once a year.

Here’s a breakdown of our process:

  • Once we receive the dynamometer, one of our experienced technicians will visually inspect it. If they see any problems (for example, a bent pointer on a mechanical unit), they’ll fix it or send you a quote for part replacement.
  • If the unit passes the visual inspection, the technician installs it in one of our calibration machines, and loads it up at five points over the range of the unit.
  • We run 3 tests, and average the three sets of readings. If the result is out of tolerance range, our technicians take apart the unit, make any necessary adjustments, put it back together, and re-test until the average readings are within tolerance.
  • Before we ship it back to the customer, each dynamometer goes through a thorough cleaning and final inspection.

Comprehensive dynamometer repair services

Our experienced team of technicians has deep expertise in end-to-end dynamometer repair, including:

  • Keypad replacement for digital dynamometers
  • LCD display repair or replacement for digital dynamometers
  • Circuit board repair, replacement, or reprogramming for digital dynamometers
  • Software update for digital dynamometers
  • Upgrade from the “Non Radio” to the “Radio Ready” EDXtreme
  • Part replacement and repair for mechanical dynamometers (natural wear and tear can cause breakdown of the moving parts or gauge movement, and affect the calibration and accuracy of the unit)

We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times for repair. However, we also offer phone support if you can’t send your unit in. All our repair services come with a 30-day parts and workmanship warranty.

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