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Dillon Dynamometers: Over 70 years of Force Measurement Accuracy

Dillon tension measurement dynamometers were developed by W. C. Dillon over 70 years ago to provide accurate measurements for cabling and wiring installation and maintenance, while increasing safety. Today Dillon dynamometers are the preferred choice of public utilities, nuclear facilities, tower erectors, armed services, and material handlers throughout the world.

When you work with Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. for all your dynamometer, crane scale, or running line tensionmeter needs, you work directly with the Dillon family - pioneers and experts in the field.

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. Products

Dillon AP mechanical dynamometer
dillon tensiometer
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Dillon Family Knowledge and Expertise

In-depth industrial application knowledge and exhaustive materials testing enabled the Dillon family to design and develop Dillon precision products with the highest structural integrity and accuracy. As a result, Dillon force measurement devices and dynamometers (also known as tensiometers or tension meters) meet the challenges and highest standards of your industry.

Placing an order with Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. means you can speak directly with a Dillon family member and benefit from the expertise of years of engineering development, research, and product knowledge.

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. Calibration Services

As a successful business, you know that your force measurement device investment is only cost effective when it provides long lasting, effective, and reliable service. Accuracy and reliability is ensured through regular calibration and care. Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. takes the guesswork out of calibration, allowing you to focus on your business by providing:

  • 2-year warranty with each purchase
  • 1-year recall sticker and automatic notification of calibration due dates
  • Calibration services with fast turnaround traceable to NIST standards

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. Products

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. Customer Service

In today’s economy, efficiency is the key to maintaining balance and being successful. Part of efficiency is selecting the right Dillon force or torque measurement device for the job. If you have a question about which product is best for your application, call Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc.. When you call, you can speak directly with a Dillon precision products family member who is dedicated to the success and safety of your business.

For knowledgeable, experienced sales support, excellent customer services, and follow up care for Dillon force measurement and dynamometer products, contact Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. today.